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Partnership Opportunities with Youth Sports Organization and TAT


Aside from the opportunity for families and their athletes to reap the benefits of professional sports performance training, here are other benefits that TAT provides to the youth sports organizations that we sponsor:

  • FUND RAISING at our facility.

    Our SLED-RAISER fund raiser is an awesome way to raise money for your organization. In a nutshell, families solicit donations from family and friends in exchange for the player’s sweat and effort! All donated loose change is added to weighted sleds and will be continuously PULLED by the athletes in half-hour blocks organized by team. All cash donations are “converted” to additional weight added to the sleds! The effectiveness of the SLED-RAISER is limited only by YOUR ORGANIZATION’S excitement and facilitation of making it happen! We have had organizations raise as much as $2,000! We provide a flyer to be used in the solicitation process and links to YOU TUBE videos that can be shown on a smart phone so people can SEE what they are donating toward!

  • Trial Session FUND RAISING Donations by TAT.

    Total Athlete Training will donate $25 (on top of sponsorship amount) toward your organization for every family that schedules and attends a Trial Session of our training program! We will designate a month as “YOUR ORGANIZATION MONTH” at TAT and promote through emails and social media. We will provide flyers, wording for correspondence, and video links.

  • 1 hour Mini-Clinic every year for your coaches at our facility.

    We typically center this around strength and conditioning practices that can be easily integrated into your sport’s daily practice plan. Other common topics include hydration and sports nutrition.

  • FREE admission (with RSVP) to our TESTING AND ASSESSMENT EVENTS.

    These events allow families and athletes the opportunity to be tested across the performance variables that TAT trains and to see where their athlete compares to others their age. For example, we do an electronically timed 40 yard sprint for our football players among a battery of tests.


    that the partnering sports organization will email to their families. We provide the email to be forwarded.

  • TAT will provide a 50% TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP

    for one current TAT athlete from every partnering organization. The partnering organization’s board should do their due diligence in ensuring that the family is a good candidate for reduced-cost services. This athlete must meet academic requirements, write a letter of application, and provide written recommendations on his or her behalf from teachers, coaches, etc. Essentially, this athlete can train at half-price for as long as academic requirements are upheld and the family is current on payment. Once the athlete discontinues training, another athlete can earn the scholarship.


    at Total Athlete Training would consist of a Saturday morning where the athletes would go through a sample mini-workout and testing protocol. Attendance by at least one parent per athlete (or family) is mandatory including a 15-minute educational segment. We require a 15-athlete minimum to hold these FREE events for an organization. We begin promoting it with the organization’s network at least 4 weeks in advance, and families must RSVP at least one week in advance to determine minimum participant number (15) for the event to be held.


TOTAL ATHLETE TRAINING is a small business with a large goal of helping as many athletes as possible reach their potential. Our sponsored organizations are very important to us as they help provide us with the necessary avenue of “introducing” TAT to the community. TOTAL ATHLETE TRAINING can best help the athletes from organizations that provide the following partnership benefits:

  • Ability to advertise and collect information (names, numbers, emails) from interested families at your home games and other events. We just need a high-traffic area to set-up our tent at your home games with preferably an electrical outlet within reach of extension cords.

  • TAT will provide a short 30-second announcement to be read over the public address system at those home games while TAT is in attendance. We request that the announcement be read between games, at half-time, and between quarters when time permits.

  • Agreement to use email and/or social media like Facebook to let families know of upcoming TAT Events that are FREE to the partner’s families and SPECIALS on training packages for athletes from that organization. TAT will provide all correspondence, documents, etc. This type of communication-forwarding is primarily in the off-season (November-July) and typically +/- 10 times per year depending on the level of partnership and benefits that the organization wishes to make available to their families.

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