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Sports Nutrition begins with HYDRATION.

Total Athelete Training Sports Nutrition Begins with Hydration

We’re checking urine samples this week at TAT. Yep, you read that correctly. Along with weighing the athletes before and after the workout to determine water weight loss through sweating. All in our efforts to educate the athletes (and parents / coaches) about proper hydration because…

Sports Nutrition begins with HYDRATION.

And there was A LOT of learning going on yesterday!

On my end, I learned through questioning the athletes that on the whole our athletes know very little or nothing about HOW water (or any liquid or food/nutrient) is used by the body and WHY they should be optimally hydrated. No wonder I heard from many parents (who’s athletes were dehydrated and had apple juice-dark urine) that “so-and-so doesn’t drink water even though I tell them all the time”.


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NOTHING affects how we feel, look, and perform more than WHAT WE EAT.

Total Athlete Training Nutrition Affects PerformanceIf your athlete has more than one planned training activity (sport practice, workout, TAT) per day on a regular basis YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION.

If your athlete participates in a sport with multiple competitions per day for several days in a row YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION.

If your athlete ever competes, practices, or exercises outside in our hot humid Florida climate YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION.

If your athlete is looking to maximize their athletic development and performance - not just be on the team - YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION.

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Attending Our Nutritional Programs Can Help You Unlock Your Athlete's True Potential


If you could supply your athlete with food that would allow them to practice harder… would you?

If you could give your athlete something to eat that would help them finish out a weekend of games stronger or the last half of a game stronger…would you?

If you could experience less of a struggle with your athlete concerning healthy eating choices….would you?


If you could eat something at the right time that would help you build more muscle…would you?

If you could eat something that would make you faster or jump higher…would you?

If you could drink something that would enable you to perform better in your next game…would you?

Parents, if you care about your kids…and athletes, if you really love being an athlete…the answer to all these questions is undoubtedly a resounding, “DUH….YES, OF COURSE I WOULD!”

Regardless of your current status quo, the move toward improvement in all endeavors always begins with EDUCATION.

Parents who know better…can guide better.

Athletes who know better…will choose better.

That’s why we will spend 3 hours educating you at our next SPORTS NUTRITION CRASH COURSE to give you the answers to the HOW’S, WHY’S, and WHEN’S of sports nutrition so you can immediately begin reaping the benefits of this scientifically-proven, results-based, practical, and POWERFUL information!

Here are some comments from attendees of our last CRASH COURSE in February:


“So impressed! Loved recipes! Delicious food!” – Female Parent

“This was a great overview of sports nutrition. I learned some new and useful information, but more importantly it let my young athletes understand the importance of the nutritional practices I have been trying to teach them and practice. Sometimes it helps to have an expert back up good old mom!” – Female Parent

“It helped me learn a lot about wheat to eat as an athlete and was a great experience!” – 14 year old Athlete

“Hearing all of this info from mom and dad is one thing, but our teen hearing the importance of nutrition from a coach he respects and admires is going to make much more of an impact than hearing from his parents. So glad we came!! Thanks again!” – Female Parent

“Dan and wife very knowledgeable and made eating clean totally doable, really enjoyed it.” – Female Parent


“Very helpful information to maximize performance…a potential missing component to your training.” – Male Parent

“…enjoyed most your explanation and passion!” – Male Parent

“…fueling like your body is a car and keeping it at a full tank.” – 14 year old Athlete

“this is what Coach Bessetti preaches every day but the recipes and plans get you to make an action plan!” – Male Parent


“It was great to taste it – not just given recipes…(I wish more people) could taste how good nutritious foods can taste. Everything was yummy.” – Female Parent

“I did not know that zucchini and squash were both in the sneaky spaghetti, and I could not taste it. It was really good!” – 12 year old Athlete

“The food was really, really good!” – 16 year old Athlete

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