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Total Athelete Training Sports Nutrition Begins with Hydration

We’re checking urine samples this week at TAT. Yep, you read that correctly. Along with weighing the athletes before and after the workout to determine water weight loss through sweating. All in our efforts to educate the athletes (and parents / coaches) about proper hydration because…

Sports Nutrition begins with HYDRATION.

And there was A LOT of learning going on yesterday!

On my end, I learned through questioning the athletes that on the whole our athletes know very little or nothing about HOW water (or any liquid or food/nutrient) is used by the body and WHY they should be optimally hydrated. No wonder I heard from many parents (who’s athletes were dehydrated and had apple juice-dark urine) that “so-and-so doesn’t drink water even though I tell them all the time”.



Our children don’t play in the street because they know better, and they do their homework because they don’t want a bad grade. If we don’t teach our young people the HOW and the WHY of any topic, is it only understandable that even the best advice coming from a parent is simply relegated to the same level as nagging about cleaning their room?

Cliff’s Notes on hydration from both the HEALTH and SAFETY and PERFORMANCE spectrums:


Not drinking enough leads to….dehydration (and the apple juice colored urine we saw Monday)….heat cramps….heat exhaustion…..heat stroke……DEATH. How far along that spectrum are you comfortable with your athlete beginning their sport practice or game?


With as little as a 2% loss in body weight through sweating, many performance measures are negatively affected. We measured many 2 lb weight losses yesterday in the shade of our facility on a day where the temperature was kept down with cloud cover and thunderstorms. Sport scientists have proven that as little as 2% loss in body weight through sweating decreases muscle endurance, brain cognition (thinking and focusing), muscle strength, balance, and muscle power. Do any of those variables sound like things your athlete is attempting to INCREASE by coming to TAT? The athletes that began their TAT workout yesterday ALREADY DEHYDRATED simply couldn’t get the same benefit as those who were optimally hydrated. How many sport practices and games is your athlete beginning already dehydrated?

We get more thoroughly into the HOW and WHY of hydration at our SPORTS NUTRITION CRASH COURSE. Along with pre-game nutrition, recovery nutrition, gaining weight, losing weight, and more. This 3-hour blend of lecture, question and answer, videos, practical learning, on-site cooking demonstration, and most importantly FOOD SAMPLING, will be an incredible tool in unlocking your athlete’s true potential! Here is a quick run –down of many questions we will answer: ·

What exactly should your athlete be eating before a game or practice to perform their best? ·

When are sports drinks a better choice than water for your athlete’s performance…and when they may actually be more harm than good! ·

Why the “muscle-building” protein shake your high school athlete is drinking could be building more of a dent in your wallet than muscles on their body!

· How to read a nutrition label!

· What simple choices in the food preparation process will result in healthier meals!

· What fats should we be eating more of to augment health and performance?

· The dirty truth behind the supplement industry!

· What great post-workout recovery drink is likely already in your refrigerator!


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