Total Athlete Training Reviews

Total Athlete Training Crystal Cuthbertson

My son has done 3 months at TAT in preparation for fall football. After his first "real" football practice with the team he looked at me and said he could've never made it through that if he hadn't been doing the sports training. Wow! Words of praise from an 11 year old- thanks for all the training Coach Dan and fellow coaches.

Crystal Cuthbertson

Total Athlete Training Olga Marrero

Dan worked with my son Alex over the summer . I was thoroughly impressed with his training methods and the confidence and he instilled in my son. Not only does he build strength and balance but he teaches his athletes to think like elite athletes .

Olga Marrero

Total Athlete Training Laura Southern

As a PT(physical therapist) and baseball mom, I have always recognized the need to add strength speed and agility to my sons training regime and have been a fan of TAT for many years now - now as a client I can further attest to the power of the program. TAT has helped my son build a strong foundation in preparation for his first year playing D1 baseball at JU. Dan and all his staff put a tremendous amount of time, focus and energy into the development of each athlete using age and developmentally appropriate drills to maximize gains. Attention to detail and technique are evident in all aspects of TAT and a large part of the reason I chose this program for my son, Jacob. We drove all the way from Mt. Dora to be a part of this program and found it more than worth it!

Laura Southern

Total Athlete Training Danny Izquierdo

Thank you Coach Dan, for being nothing less than Exceptional with my boys! Highly recommend any parent to bring your child to Coach. He will make them better, Athletically!

Danny Izquierdo

Total Athlete Training Deanna Grissom-Michael Hall

So much to say about Dan and his staff all of them understand the importance of their role and desire to positively impact children’s lives! We had our son there over the summer and I can truly say is it is money well spent. Dan and his great group of trainers will get your son or daughter to be quicker, stronger, and just a better mindset than when they first started. I would highly recommend TAT to anyone who has a child who is serious about becoming a better athlete.

Deanna Grissom-Michael Hall

Total Athlete Training Rob Fuehrer

My son worked out with Dan and his staff for two months this summer and showed great improvement in strength, speed and agility. But more importantly, his confidence as an athlete soared. Thanks Dan.

Rob Fuehrer

Total Athlete Training Cindi Chris Keefe

My son has been training with Dan and his staff for almost a year. I believe TAT has given my son a competitive advantage on and off the field. My son has not only improved his strength, speed, agility but also has gained confidence in his ability. I recommend TAT to all my friends. BTW it's not only for guys, I've seen lots of females there.

Cindi Chris Keefe

Total Athlete Training Eric Machuca

My son has been training with TAT for 2 months now. I can't tell you how happy I already am with the results. He really enjoys going, and the change in his athleticism and athletic abilities in such a short time is amazing. He's even managed shave 3 seconds off of his run! I couldn't be happier with the results thus far.

Eric Machuca

Total Athlete Training Jennifer Jackson Hogan

My son did TAT in preparation for football. They helped him tremendously with agility and endurance. He is very happy with the progress he made in such a short time!!

Jennifer Jackson Hogan

Total Athlete Training Chad Walker

My son has been training with Coach Dan at TAT for just over a month and I am already seeing tremendous improvement in his hand-eye coordination and footwork. Best of all, his progress in overall athleticism is also showing up on the field.

Chad Walker

Total Athlete Training Casimira Alexandre

My daughter and son love Coach so much they beg to go to his training even though he makes them feel like throwing up. Love ya Coach thank you for making them both faster and Agile. They are better athletes because of you.

Casimira Alexandre

Total Athlete Training Ryan Hosford

Great environment for kids to learn about what it takes to be a serious athlete. The training and conditioning are aimed at perfecting technique first, then progress can be made.

Ryan Hosford

Total Athlete Training Lyle Christy

This weekend was the linemans challenge at Faith Christian. Alex's team from the 14U East Orlando Jr Predators overall winners. Thanks to TAT Alex was able to fight for every second they needed to bring home the trophy. Alex has been with Dan and TAT or a year now and his agility and strength has improved tremendously. Thanks to Dan and all the coaches.

Lyle Christy

Total Athlete Training Wade Bauer

Harrison has been training with Dan & his team for 6 weeks. I already see an improvement physically & athletically. The workouts are fun & competitive. I have never seen him work so hard ! We can't wait to see what he can do in the next few months.

Wade Bauer

Total Athlete Training Debi Springer Urusky

My eldest son has been involved with TAT during off season for several years. Not only has his strength, speed and overall fitness improved tremendously, his confidence in himself and his athletic abilities has increased as well. This year, my younger boy will be joining him.

Debi Springer Urusky

Total Athlete Training Jason Hays

Dan and his staff are phenomenal trainers. The improvement in my son's speed, strength, and agility prior to football season was nothing short of incredible. I highly recommend TAT for anyone wanting to improve their kids' athleticism!!

Jason Hays

Total Athlete Training Sherley A. Diaz

My daugther trained with TAT during school basketball season and was AMAZING. She learned and improved so much, she was excited on going back again for more. I recommend TAT to all my friends.

Sherley A. Diaz

Total Athlete Training Rick Ferrel

Dan's program has help family become better athletes. He helped my daughter get two DI and three DII offers for volleyball. He increased her vertical by 4 inches For my son he took his 4 time down by .8 a second and got him much stronger. This has help him become a starting Varsity QB

Rick Ferrel

Total Athlete Training Matt Moffett

Excellent training program for student athletes. My kids love it and have grown physically stronger since they started. Coach Dan and his staff are wonderful.

Matt Moffett

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