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  • Sports Performance Training in Winter Garden - Total Athlete Training - Tweet and Score Less

    Tweet and Score Less

    Parents and Coaches, We probably all are often finding ourselves in the position of limiting our athlete’s screen time. Especially so when it comes to bedtime. That the light given off by our devices makes it harder to fall asleep is now established fact. We know it’s for their benefit, but how do you truly get a young person to buy-in to an idea that’s not their idea? MAKE IT THEIR IDEA.
    How do you do that? Hit them where it matters! GET THIS: Researchers analyzed Tweets made between 11 PM and 7 AM the day of a game for 112 NBA players over 7 years. They found that late-night Tweeting was associated with less time played, fewer ....

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  • Speed and Strength Training for Lacrosse

    Parents and Coaches, We recently had an exemplary group of high school student athletes into our facility to participate in a trial session of our sports performance training program. Members of the Olympia HS girls lacrosse program led by head coach Chip Carbiener showed up and kicked some butt! Watch the video above to see the highlights of the speed, strength, and agility work that the girls attacked with great attitude and effort! Ladies, keep up the hard work into the upcoming season! Local athletes can participate in a free session at our facility by registering with the following link: TAT Free Trial Session Dan Bessetti Owner and Head Coach ....

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  • Sports Performance Training in Winter Garden - Total Athlete Training - Speed Training - What I've Seen in 20 Years - Part I

    Speed Training - What I've Seen in 20 Years - Part I

    Parents and Coaches, Speed training in Winter Garden may be the most common thing people are looking for when they reach out to Total Athlete Training. This was just as true 17 years ago when I ran my first speed and agility camp at UCF. Things in any industry change quickly and a time span of 20 years may change an industry entirely. Many clients find us via an online search, and I feel confident to say that internet searches in 1998 for "speed trainer", "speed coach", or "speed training" are probably less than 1% of those searches today. And while most of that can be attributed to the infancy of the internet in 1998, there is no doubt that awareness of specialized speed training for ....

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  • Sports Performance Training in Winter Garden - Total Athlete Training - Speed, Strength, Agility for Athletes in Central Florida

    Speed, Strength, Agility for Athletes in Central Florida

    Parents and Coaches, We recently had an article published about our speed, strength, and agility training program in the West Orange Times Observer! TAT Article in West Orange Times Observer
    The article hits on some great points including a little on my background in sports medicine and as a college strength and conditioning coach, the importance of providing developmentally appropriate training and coaching, and the power of getting athletic skills and abilities introduced and instilled early for maximum results. Do me a favor and share the article to your social media if you like the message! Dan Bessetti ....

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  • Speed and Strength Training for Baseball and Softball

    Parents and Coaches, With the summer travel ball season winding down for most, its time to focus on off-season speed, strength, and overall athletic development. Included in this would be recovering from any injuries and the strength, mobility, conditioning, and flexibility work that will prepare the player for the spring and make them more resilient and less injury-prone. But you may say, the high school's "fall ball season" begins next month. Yes, I know...and therein lies the problem: Too often in softball and baseball, the opportunities to participate in year-round practicing and playing practically eliminate meaningful strength, speed, and conditioning training. Now I know that ....

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  • Sports Performance Training and Small Group Performance Training Classes in Winter Garden!

    Check out our new website for Total Athlete Training!
    We proudly serve the Winter Garden, Windermere, and Horizon West areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Sports Performance Training, Small Group Performance Training, Nutrition, and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram YouTube ....

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  • Wrong Toolbox

    Follow along with me on this: What if you hired a plumber to fix your sink but when you saw his toolbox all that was in it were blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and thermometers….and he was actually trying to fix the sink with these tools? Wrong tool box…and probably the wrong plumber for you, right? Unfortunately, similar situations are happening every day with our youth and high school athletes and the training they receive in areas of speed, strength, and agility. What I’m meaning is that practitioners (call them coaches or trainers) being paid for their services are using the wrong tools and approaches in the training of the athletes they ....

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  • Is Your Athlete Being Coached?

    Parents and Coaches, Is your athlete being COACHED to be more athletic...or are they just using the ability they already have? Are they being COACHED to sprint more efficiently...or just running when the whistle blows? Are they being COACHED how to athletically cut, shuffle, and spin...or just being put through drills? Watch how we COACH our athletes on our social media: TAT Facebook
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    When I started my first youth and high school training camps 17 years ago while a strength and conditioning coach at UCF, I quickly learned that in order to get RESULTS from these younger athletes that I needed to up my game! My skill set developed ....

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  • Teaching to the Test

    Is this happening to your athlete? Parents and Coaches, Over the last 9 years of running TAT and communicating with youth and high school coaches and parents, the following topic has come up enough times that I feel compelled to write…I feel compelled to educate . “Teaching to the Test”
    In the academic world this denotes the practice of using the test to dictate the teaching process, usually to the detriment of real learning. This practice is unfortunately common in our system of standardized testing where teachers and administrators are feeling the pressure of “creating” high test scores. But I’m not talking about teaching to ....

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  • Bad Coaching

    Parents and Coaches, Hearing what I’m about to tell you made me sick inside…for many reasons. Sick because I’ve worked with this athlete many years…and what happened was dangerous and unprofessional. Sick because this “coach” is probably doing the same thing to many other athletes. Sick because parents pay for this “coach’s” services and are getting fooled into thinking that what he’s doing with their athlete is awesome. Bad Coaching
    So this athlete has a hitting lesson recently at the “coach’s” facility where he also does strength and conditioning work with his clients. RED FLAG ....

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