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At Total Athlete Training, we are committed to helping you get the very most out of your body. Our Sports Performance and Athletic Training throughout Winter Garden, Windermere, and Clermont has programs for athletes of all ages and abilities. Alongside other hard-working athletes, you can refine your skills and push your athleticism and sport ability to the next level.

Our staff brings and a wide range of experience across multiple sports and skill sets. We're here to help you run faster and move quicker, build strength and mobility, and sustain your success over time.

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For Any Age, And Every Sport, Our Sports Performance and Athletic Training Has The Answer

Total Athlete Training doesn't operate in just one niche or skillset. We're proud to offer a wide range of training for athletes of all ages. The first step to better performance on the field is better training off it. 

We're here to help you train with a purpose and work toward your goals, all with the feedback and support of a professional support system.

Our Sports Performance Training in Winter Garden, Windermere and Clermont includes:

Rookies (Ages 7-9): Our most foundational instruction, we work with the youngest athletes to develop fundamental athletic skills with an emphasis on coordination, balance, and body control. This training focuses on laying the groundwork for long-lasting athletic success in a fun and challenging group setting.

Youth (Ages 10-13): This high-energy training pushes athletes to move beyond the basics and begin to build their mind and body for high-level performance. We focus on developing athleticism through speed and agility training, supplemented with mobility, age-appropriate strength training, balance, and coordination. Additionally, coaching on how to “think like an athlete” will help set your athlete up for success as they aspire toward high school athletics.

High School (Ages 14-18): Our high school program is a pre-collegiate training grounds for motivated athletes looking to maximize their current sport ability with an eye toward playing at the next level. The driving goal is enhanced athleticism that transfers to the competitive arena. Combined with best practices in enhancing speed and agility, our high school program raises the bar high for developing total body systemic strength and power that transfers to explosive play-making ability and builds injury resistance.

College/Pro (Ages 18+): Whether a recent signee prepping for their first collegiate season or a veteran professional in the off-season, our training will be the catalyst for continued elite-level success. We target the training to dial-in the attributes necessary for these athletes to stay at the top of their game. Our approach will synthesize the latest advances in physical performance training, recovery modalities, and “between-the-ears” athletic mindset enhancement.

Take Advantage Of Cutting-Edge Strategies And Hands-On Attention 

The world of Sports Performance Training moves fast. Every day, there's a new tool or strategy pushed around the internet - some useful and some not so much.

At Total Athlete Training, we're here to cut through the noise and boil your training down to what matters most to you. Our Sports Performance Training in Winter Garden, Windermere and Clermont relies on an efficient coach-to-athlete ratio that allows us to work closely with each athlete in a motivating and challenging group atmosphere.

We're not here for cookie-cutter training. We're here to help you see results.

Join us at Total Athlete Training and enjoy:

  • Boosted speed, strength, and agility
  • Incredible coordination and balance 
  • Complete confidence in everything you do
  • Motivation to work harder than ever before
  • Results that transfer to your sport

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