I Don't Believe in Luck

Parents and Coaches,

 As we are going through this unprecedented time as a nation, it’s affecting us all.  Some are losing loved ones, while others it’s jobs, and for everyone normalcy has been lost.  I’ve been hit about as hard as possible with a mandated shut down of my livelihood.  However, when someone recently wished me luck for TAT, I just had to tell him that I don’t believe in luck!

Certainly not when God has unmistakably and tangibly been evident in my life and TAT from day 1 back in 2008.  But let’s just go back 3 years:  

When a business partnership failed and I was weaseled out of the original east Orlando TAT in 2017, God had already orchestrated a plan.  In contrast to His plan, my futile human plan was to quickly find another double bay door, 30 x 80 space in east Orlando or Winter Garden and quickly reassemble the turf and weight room and get back to business.  However, at that time there wasn't another double-bay 30 x 80 space in east Orlando or Winter Garden to be found.  However, the land was being cleared at that same time for the building TAT is now in.  The 15 months that TAT was facility-less was a period where I truly had to put my faith in God because much was totally out of my control…sound familiar to our current circumstances?

Flash forward to November 2018 and opening the doors on TAT Winter Garden.  Recall my requirement for 80 feet of length?...God did me even better and gave me 100 feet of length!  Oh yeah, and God had already supplied the turf to cover it.  I had an "extra" roll in storage that I didn’t “need” in the east Orlando building!  And I hadn’t just ordered extra when I bought the turf…it was the entire floor plan of turf from a facility that had closed down.  That amount of turf that someone else put in their facility just “happened” to be exactly what TAT needed...7 years later.

Trust me, everything above is the Cliff's Notes on God's orchestration of TAT.  Some would say everything above is luck.  

I don't have enough faith in luck to believe that the TAT story is a series of random fortunate happenings.

Not when the Bible is full of passages like this:

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God PREPARED BEFOREHAND so that we would walk in them.  

Ephesians 2:10

Stay safe and have faith…but not in luck.

Dan Bessetti

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