A Hard Question

Parents and Coaches,

Ever hear that work ethic is measured by what happens between competitions?  Meaning that how your athlete practices, trains, and prepares for their games is the best indicator of their work ethic as opposed to how hard they work during a game.

However, the uniqueness of our current situation lends toward broaching this topic in a never-before-seen light.  That light being, with the regularity of our athlete’s practices, games, lessons, and training coming to a screeching halt, I want to ask you a question…and maybe it’s a hard question:

Does your athlete truly have a great work ethic…or are they just normally very busy and booked with sport-related activities?  There is a difference.  I contend that what your athlete is doing right now on their own time is the best indicator of their work ethic!

Toward the goal of developing your athlete’s work ethic, I have posted a lot of educational content to guide your athlete’s at-home training.  Utilize the links below to access the videos and check back often!


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Stay safe and have faith,

Dan Bessetti

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