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Does you athlete utilize a foam roller on a daily basis?  You may be surprised that I believe that a foam roller – properly utilized – may be the number 1 tool at your athlete’s disposal to keep them playing at their highest level!

However, many athletes skimp or entirely skip rolling work.  I say work because done right it is work!  When an athlete rolls over a painful spot and they avoid it and move onto an area that is more comfortable, they are missing the point entirely.  It’s the equivalent of a weak athlete cheating reps or an out-of-shape athlete skipping conditioning…that which makes you the most uncomfortable is exactly what you need to be doing the most!

So why do you have painful spots in your muscles?  What happens when you repeatedly use the roller on those painful spots?  The video below will be eye-opening for many as I explain what actually is happening INSIDE your muscles when you use a foam roller:

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Foam Rolling Explained


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