7 Foods to Boost Immumity

Parents and Coaches,

Here is some timely and great information from TAT’s nutrition consultant, registered dietician AND busy sports mom, Lori Bondurant, RDN, CSSD:


TAT parents and athletes,

In addition to washing your hands and social distancing, your diet can also help you ward off COVID-19.  A healthy immune system not only helps you fight off viruses, it also helps you bounce back if you do happen to get sick and may lessen the severity of symptoms.  For immune-boosting nutrients turn to the following foods :


  1. Broccoli - packed with Vitamin C and Antioxidants which help attack free radicals which can damage our immune systems


  2. Oranges and Red Bell Peppers - both great sources of Vitamin C.  You can also choose fortified orange juice for extra Vitamin D which may help prevent respiratory infections.


  3. Eggs - packed with Protein and immune boosters like Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and selenium


  4. Lean Beef (sirloin, round or flank steak) - contains Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin B6 in addition to being a great protein source


  5. Spinach - contains Vitamin A and Folate


  6. Salmon (wild)- full of Omega 3s to help tame inflammation which indirectly can help your body focus on building immunity


  7. Yogurt - contains Probiotics, known as “good” bacteria that work to fine-tune the immune system

Just as the above foods can strengthen your immune system, caffeine and sugar can prevent your body’s immune system from functioning at its best!

So, basically you want to maintain a healthy, well balanced diet in order to have the best defense for fighting any illness.  Wash your hands and then create a plate with a lean protein source surrounded by a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and enjoy caffeinated beverages and sugary foods in moderation!


Stay Well & Stay Safe,

Lori Bondurant, RDN, CSSD


To work with Lori one-on-one to get your family on a healthy nutritional track email her at:


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