Parents, are you taking care of yourselves?


Most of the time when I’m writing to you it’s about your athlete and their sports, ambitions, and goals.  However, our current social climate has influenced me to turn some of my attention toward you, the parent, who are the link between me and your athlete.

Crazy times can throw us into a tailspin on our own health and fitness goals.  However, I’ve noticed that TAT parents right now are either healthier and fitter than they’ve been in years or they’re struggling to keep up with healthy habits.  It probably has a lot to do with your personal economic situation.  If your income is steady and not a constant worry then the covid shut down has freed up time that would have been tied up in shuttling kids around to sports or commuting if you’re now working from home.  While gyms are not open, people are walking, jogging, biking, and home gym equipment has been getting dusted off or purchased.

Unfortunately I’m in the other camp and many of you are too.  I find it hard to take time for exercise when I’m stressed even though I know it helps mitigate it!  And while I own a gym, the weights just sit idle as I’d much rather have it full of TAT athletes than to delve into my own personal workout revolution!

If you could use some guidance to do better for your health, check out the infographic below.  It has great recommendations on how to dial up or dial down your effort level across 6 factors that affect your health:







The info is displayed in an entertaining infographic format that really makes sense.  The main point is don’t just stop your personal health efforts in all ALL or NONE fashion.  See where you’ve fallen off your best efforts but can do a little better and turn that dial up.  Most importantly, make sure none of your dials are at ZERO…even turning a dial to ONE keeps the volume on. 

Stay safe and have faith,

Dan Bessetti


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