Windermere Strength and Conditioning - Coaching Our Athlete's Towards an "Athletic Mindset"

Windermere Strength and Conditioning - Coaching Our Athlete's Towards an "Athletic Mindset"

If your athlete has participated with TAT, you have an understanding that our program trains MUCH more than the body. A common saying out of my mouth is “Your mind is the most powerful part of your body; where your mind takes you…your body will follow.”

Coaching our young athletes toward “an athletic mindset” is the key to helping them reach their full potential. I find that even young athletes having a lot of success in their sports may be having that success despite glaring dysfunction in their athletic mindset. Whether it’s their self-confidence, poor body language, effort and attitude toward practice, or handling failure and success, helping our young people think like an athlete will have tremendous spill-over into all areas of their life. You can learn about being successful in life from just about anywhere…our delivery system at TOTAL ATHLETE TRAINING is athletic preparation through speed, strength, and agility training!

A common tripping point for young people in their school, social, family, and sporting endeavors is FEAR. Many times as adults we forget about the real stress that comes from childhood, adolescent, or teenage fears by rationalizing it from an adult standpoint and not recognizing how REAL it is to them. My 3-year-old’s bad dreams are probably MORE TERRIFYING to her than a close call vehicle collision would be to me…even though only one of those things would be physically harmful!

Click the link below to hear sport psychology expert Dr. Haley Perlus speak about some practical strategies to help our young athletes overcome the very common fear of not measuring up in athletics. This is something many of our athletes experience at some age and level - so it takes many different forms - but it’s a common theme we coach our athletes through at TAT.



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