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Parents and Coaches,

I know that sports families are busy. 

Every current TAT family is balancing their athlete’s TAT training with a combination of sports camps and practices, private sports lessons, actual sport competitions, and family vacations – just the usual balls in the juggling act!

There is not enough time to do everything, nor is there enough money for most of us.  We have to choose the experiences that will be of the most benefit to our children.  I understand.  My wife and I do the same for our children.

Recently a parent gave me some casual feedback about a recent sport camp experience and compared it to what his son is doing at TAT.  The info was unsolicited, brutally honest, and more powerful than if I tried to tell you the same thing, so I asked him to write it down.  I shared his words last week on our Facebook page,, or you can read them here:

 “My son and I just came back from the UF Gator camp. We had a great time and a great experience. Just as a little background on the camp, they had a couple hundred kids with some of the Gator players and coaches over the 3 day camp. They had many drill stations with coaches running them every day. They received instruction and life lessons over the 3 days. We toured the stadium "Swamp", practice facility, trophy room, weight room, film room, and more. The athletes practiced in the Swamp and practice facility. Like I said, It was a great experience. If you are a Gator fan I highly recommend attending the camp. In comparison to Total Athlete Training (TAT), the Gator camp is more about the experience. They corrected, coached and trained the best they could with so many kids. Each athlete only had enough time to perform each drill once. At TAT it is more about training the athlete. You have around 10 athletes and around 3 to 4 coaches give or take. They receive more skilled and focused attention. To compare the 2 I used the price of each, travel, along with the food, hotel and the time the athletes received instruction. I do not want to discourage anyone from attending either facility. They both have their pros and cons, but the benefits you receive at TAT are well worth the price you pay. The Gator camp helped light a fire in my son to focus and train harder at TAT!”

 -          Brandon and Ashley Hepinstall, TAT athlete and future Gator Aidan


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