Windermere Speed Coach Explains Speed in Sports

Parents and Coaches,

I’ve rarely trained an athlete who did not want to get faster or talked with a coach or parent who didn’t want their athlete to get faster.  Whether its basketball, softball, baseball, lacrosse, or football, the play making ability of those who are fast is obvious!

 However, when getting down to the nuts and bolts of the training components required to get faster, most people don’t understand the contribution of strength.  Parents, coaches, and athletes in the football community are naturally more receptive to the idea because of the physical nature of the sport.  However, they typically only partially understand the importance of strength because of the obvious need to be able to push other people around in football.

 If you really want to grasp one of the most fundamental and powerful training outcomes in sports performance, open your mind and let the following sink in:

 While football players display strength by pushing others around, ALL ATHLETES display their strength by pushing themselves around!

 Powerful strides that propel a fast athlete are actually well timed, mechanically proficient…PUSHES.

 Want to push something harder?  Get Stronger.  Want to run faster (push the ground harder)?  GET STRONGER.

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