Winter Garden Strength Coach Asks - Is Your Athlete Being Coached?

Parents and Coaches,

 Is your athlete being COACHED to be more athletic...or are they just using the ability they already have? Are they being COACHED to sprint more efficiently...or just running when the whistle blows? Are they being COACHED how to athletically cut, shuffle, and spin...or just being put through drills? 

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 When I started my first youth and high school training camps 17 years ago while a strength and conditioning coach at UCF, I quickly learned that in order to get RESULTS from these younger athletes that I needed to up my game!  My skill set developed from working with athletes that were already extremely athletic (D-1 college athletes) was inadequate in coaching the youth and high school athletes in my program!  I had to get to work devising and implementing techniques, cues, drills, and skills that reached the athletes at their developmental level in order to build the foundation upon which we could build elite athleticism!

 The culmination of all that work started 17 years ago is the coaching you see during a Total Athlete Training session!


Reach Your Potential,


Dan Bessetti

Owner & Head Coach



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