Wrong Toolbox

Follow along with me on this:


What if you hired a plumber to fix your sink but when you saw his toolbox all that was in it were blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and thermometers….and he was actually trying to fix the sink with these tools?


Wrong tool box…and probably the wrong plumber for you, right?


Unfortunately, similar situations are happening every day with our youth and high school athletes and the training they receive in areas of speed, strength, and agility.  What I’m meaning is that practitioners (call them coaches or trainers) being paid for their services are using the wrong tools and approaches in the training of the athletes they are serving.  I just had a parent talk to me yesterday about the “speed and agility training” that is part of his athlete’s soccer club.  I could tell from his description that this “trainer’s” motivational approach was not developmentally appropriate for the ages of the kids, and I would consider some of his actual drills to be only marginally appropriate from a physical perspective!


To be clear, I’m talking about people who are getting paid to be experts but are…in my opinion…not meeting the needs of the athletes.  Hey parents, I’m feeling for you as a parent myself because it is REALLY HARD TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.


I’m going to expound upon the above situation more in another blog, but I want to leave you with this big take away:


Our youth and high school athletes need more “Coaching from Coaches” than “Training from Trainers”. 


Breaking it down:


A COACH can TEACH someone a skill that they’ve never done before.  And great COACHES have a wide variety of tools in their toolboxes and know how and when to use each tool. 


A TRAINER can only DIRECT someone to do a skill that they have already acquired.  Their toolbox is limited and they use those tools regardless of their applicability or effectiveness…when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail… 


Is your athlete being coached?

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