Tweet and Score Less

Tweet and Score Less

Parents and Coaches,

We probably all are often finding ourselves in the position of limiting our athlete’s screen time.  Especially so when it comes to bedtime.  That the light given off by our devices makes it harder to fall asleep is now established fact.

We know it’s for their benefit, but how do you truly get a young person to buy-in to an idea that’s not their idea?


How do you do that?   

Hit them where it matters!


Researchers analyzed Tweets made between 11 PM and 7 AM the day of a game for 112 NBA players over 7 years.  They found that late-night Tweeting was associated with less time played, fewer points scored, fewer rebounds, and lower shooting percentage during the game later that day!

Read it here:

Tweet and Score Less

Any athlete that reads that and still makes a decision to be awake all hours of the night on social media simply doesn’t want to be their best!

Dan Bessetti

Owner & Head Coach



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