The Making of a Windermere Youth / High School Athlete Speed, Strength, and Conditioning Coach

The Making of a Windermere Youth / High School Athlete Speed, Strength, and Conditioning Coach

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When I started TAT in 2008, I was a lot different than I am now.

I was fresh out of 10 years working as a strength and conditioning coach at the college level.  That gave me the knowledge and know-how about the end goal many parents and athletes are striving toward – playing their sport at the college level.

In the last 9 years, I have been able to learn tremendously about training the youth and high school athlete not only toward that ultimate college goal…but more importantly for the shorter term goals of making that athlete better for their next season, or next week, or simply making that athlete better TODAY.

But getting back to my first point, I was a lot different in 2008.

I believe the biggest reason I’m different (and a much better youth / high school coach) is because I’ve become something that I wasn’t before…and it’s not an additional certification…or another degree (I have all of those)…I’ve become what most of you are…


Right now my girls are 7 and 4 and they are the biggest reason I am a better coach than in 2008.  Before kids, my working view of my athletes is that they were just really young college athletes…smaller adults.  Boy was that simplistic and wrong!  But you just don’t know what you don’t know until you live it yourself, right?

Now I see the young athletes training at our facility much differently.  They are young people first, sports is just something with which they are involved.  In the big picture, helping to develop young people into high-functioning and moral adults and citizens is the highest calling.  Helping them achieve sports success along the way is super rewarding and fun, but secondary.  I would much rather hear about former TAT athletes that landed a great job out of college (paid for by academic scholarship), than hearing about a former TAT athlete struggling out of high school with drug abuse or criminal activity because college softball / football / basketball didn’t work out.

The really cool thing is that sport participation provides so much opportunity to teach about life.  Additionally, preparation for sports through strength and conditioning provide even more opportunity to guide our young people.  We’d love to help your child learn how to focus better, work through short-term discomfort, keep a positive attitude despite small failures, and develop teamwork and leadership skills.  The great “bonus” is that at the same time they will become more coordinated, faster, stronger, more agile, more flexible, and more athletic!

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Dan Bessetti

Owner & Head Coach



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