Simply put, it takes DELIBERATE, SPECIFIC, CONSISTENT hard work over time to reach your full athletic potential! I am not sure where the high school programs fall short…it’s probably a combination of all those factors of varying levels at every school…and nothing that I personally can control in any way.


We do control ALL THE FACTORS during each 90 minute session at TAT!

  •  At TAT we are DELIBERATE! You cannot “go through the motions” or “just run and do some drills” and get the same results that come from focused hard work!

  •  At TAT we are SPECIFIC! For example, to improve speed your technique must be maximized…arms, legs, torso, head, doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing…close does not cut it!

  •  At TAT we are CONSISTENT! You get better at things you do the most of, right?…and most of the high school programs are centered around the weight room 3-4 days per week and the athletes get stronger! Focus some Deliberate, CONSISTENT hard work on speed and agility and the results will come!

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