Speed and Strength Training for Baseball and Softball in Winter Garden and Windermere

Parents and Coaches,

With the summer travel ball season winding down for most, its time to focus on off-season speed, strength, and overall athletic development.  Included in this would be recovering from any injuries and the strength, mobility, conditioning, and flexibility work that will prepare the player for the spring and make them more resilient and less injury-prone.

But you may say, the high school's "fall ball season" begins next month.  Yes, I know...and therein lies the problem:

Too often in softball and baseball, the opportunities to participate in year-round practicing and playing practically eliminate meaningful strength, speed, and conditioning training.  Now I know that most programs make their players run, and some high schools attempt some strength training in the fall, but I’m talking about metamorphosis-type training here…the kind that happens only with a commitment to do what the masses won't attempt.  I’m talking about the kind of training that makes you a different player come spring.  Honestly, the kind of training that you can only receive from a focused amount of high effort work done over several months with a professional. 

The kind of work done at Total Athlete Training.

Watch the video.  Do you have what it takes to truly reach your potential?  

The only thing to lose is your old athletic self!


Dan Bessetti

Owner and Head Coach




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