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  • Parents, are you taking care of yourselves?

    Parents, Most of the time when I’m writing to you it’s about your athlete and their sports, ambitions, and goals. However, our current social climate has influenced me to turn some of my attention toward you, the parent, who are the link between me and your athlete. Crazy times can throw us into a tailspin on our own health and fitness goals. However, I’ve noticed that TAT parents right now are either healthier and fitter than they’ve been in years or they’re struggling to keep up with healthy habits. It probably has a lot to do with your personal economic situation. If your income is steady and not a constant worry then the covid shut down has freed ....

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  • Tough Times

    “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.” – Henry Kissinger Parents, We are operating our lives in a new pressure cooker lately. I hope you and your family have found at least a semi-comfortable new normal. However, as the prior quote attests, there is a wide disparity between doing well…or not…under pressure. So here are some thoughts on something that may be the most integral component to how well your family responds to this pressure… that integral component is your marriage . Your marriage will likely get better or worse from this situation. There’s really not a stay-the-same option when conditions change in a ....

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  • 7 Foods to Boost Immumity

    Parents and Coaches, Here is some timely and great information from TAT’s nutrition consultant, registered dietician AND busy sports mom, Lori Bondurant, RDN, CSSD: TAT parents and athletes, In addition to washing your hands and social distancing, your diet can also help you ward off COVID-19. A healthy immune system not only helps you fight off viruses, it also helps you bounce back if you do happen to get sick and may lessen the severity of symptoms. For immune-boosting nutrients turn to the following foods :
    - packed with Vitamin C and Antioxidants which help attack free radicals which can damage our immune systems
    Oranges and Red Bell ....

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  • Now the How

    Parents and Coaches, Does that subject line sound like a Dr. Seuss book? Earlier this week, I explained what is actually going on INSIDE your muscle tissue when you utilize a foam roller. (see below how to watch that video). Now it’s time for the HOW part of foam rolling! Your athlete should watch the following video for a crash course on foam rolling. A thorough routine should incorporate all the body parts explained in this video. Then as your athlete learns which body parts need more work, they can spend more time on those parts while relegating others to minimal maintenance. Watch it on Facebook: Foam Rolling Crash Course Not a Facebook user? See it on ....

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  • Your Athlete's Secret Weapon

    Parents, Does you athlete utilize a foam roller on a daily basis? You may be surprised that I believe that a foam roller – properly utilized – may be the number 1 tool at your athlete’s disposal to keep them playing at their highest level! However, many athletes skimp or entirely skip rolling work. I say work because done right it is work! When an athlete rolls over a painful spot and they avoid it and move onto an area that is more comfortable, they are missing the point entirely. It’s the equivalent of a weak athlete cheating reps or an out-of-shape athlete skipping conditioning… that which makes you the most uncomfortable is exactly what you ....

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  • Eat for Better Brain Energy

    Parents and Coaches, Here is some timely and great information from TAT’s nutrition consultant, registered dietician AND busy sports mom, Lori Bondurant, RDN, CSSD: TAT parents and athletes, A stay-at-home order does not have to derail your healthy eating routine! In fact, our current circumstances provide the opportunity to establish healthy habits that will last beyond this pandemic. For many of you, virtual learning started last week and the best thing you can do for your child and for yourself is to set a schedule, but allow for flexibility. In addition to a schedule for learning, you should also set a schedule for eating. Do not allow your kitchen to be open as ....

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  • At Home Workouts

    Parents, What should your athlete be doing at home to stay fast, strong, and agile during this time when everything sport-related is shut down…? BURST WORKOUTS. Simple. Effective. Infinite. Burst workouts work… if your athlete works! Watch this explanation and demonstration of a TAT Burst Workout on Facebook: TAT Burst Workout on Facebook Not a Facebook user? See it on YouTube: TAT Burst Workout on YouTube Stay healthy , Dan Bessetti ....

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  • A Hard Question

    Parents and Coaches, Ever hear that work ethic is measured by what happens between competitions? Meaning that how your athlete practices, trains, and prepares for their games is the best indicator of their work ethic as opposed to how hard they work during a game. However, the uniqueness of our current situation lends toward broaching this topic in a never-before-seen light. That light being, with the regularity of our athlete’s practices, games, lessons, and training coming to a screeching halt, I want to ask you a question…and maybe it’s a hard question: Does your athlete truly have a great work ethic…or are they just normally very busy and booked with ....

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  • I Don't Believe in Luck

    Parents and Coaches, As we are going through this unprecedented time as a nation, it’s affecting us all. Some are losing loved ones, while others it’s jobs, and for everyone normalcy has been lost. I’ve been hit about as hard as possible with a mandated shut down of my livelihood. However, when someone recently wished me luck for TAT, I just had to tell him that I don’t believe in luck! Certainly not when God has unmistakably and tangibly been evident in my life and TAT from day 1 back in 2008. But let’s just go back 3 years: When a business partnership failed and I was weaseled out of the original east Orlando TAT in 2017, God had ....

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  • Speed Training - What I've Seen in 20 Years - Part II

    In my last speed training blog post, I laid out some of the foundation upon which the modern-day sports performance speed coach in Winter Garden can attribute the origins of their profession. In summary, the growth of big-time college athletics was a major needle-mover in that process. If you'd like to read that post, click on the link below: LINK TO PART I While the monetization of college athletics and the growth of the college strength coaching profession was a huge driver in the growth of the speed training industry, other factors went hand-in-hand in the burgeoning sport and physical fitness culture. As college and professional strength coaches were producing bigger, faster, and ....

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